To Lone Star Surf and Turf Adventures!!

The First Interactive TV Show in the World!!

Featuring Object Recognition and Re-Direct Technologies!!

I’m Robert Lewis and welcome to Texas!! It’s a blessing to be back for a 3rd season of Huntin, Fishin, and enjoyin God’s Great Outdoors!! Now, not only do we have an exciting line up of new Episodes for ya this year, but we’ve also partnered with a new Technology that’s gonna allow you click on any of the products we’re using and find out everything you wanna know about that Product, it’s just incredible!! Now here’s a sample video of this Interactive Technology in action and while watchin the video you can click on as many scenes as you like and it will save those scenes to a folder on the left.

Finish the video, or pause at anytime to access the scenes in the folder. Hover your mouse over any product in any scene and the product becomes highlighted and displays a brief description of the product, click on the “more info” button and it takes you right to the website.

Check out these other features:

  • A click on the Lone Star Surf and Turf Adventures Logo will take you directly to our website
  • A click on any Exotic Animal will take you to “Texas Exotic Game” Page of our website
  • A click on the “watch more” button will take you to the videos on our website.

This is a game changer for sure, and it’s a whole lot of fun too. So, give it a try, play around with it, it won’t take much to figure it out and I think you’re going to enjoy it. Oh, and share it with your friends too!!