Now folks, if you are a Texas Hunting and Fishing License Holder, keep in mind that ALL licenses expire on August 31st of every year!!

If you are a hunter and you fish Salt and fresh water too, then the Texas Super Combo License is the one for you!! This License provides the necessary endorsements that allow you to Hunt Deer, Turkey, Hogs, Exotic Game, Dove and Quail, and comes with the Stamps that allow you hunt Geese and Ducks!! This Super Combo License also comes with the stamp that allows you to Bow Hunt and fish both Salt and Fresh Water!! If your this kind of Outdoorsman, then this is the License for you!!

This year there will be many changes to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting and Fishing Regulations so be sure to pick up yout free copy of the TPWD Regulations Handbook when you purchase your License!!

Now, Dove hunting in the North and Central Zones of Texas will open on September 1st with the South Zone set to open on September 17th!! Please consult your TPWD Regulations Handbook for Special White Winged Dove Hunting Regs and Special Areas as well as Opening Dates!!

Opening Day of the Texas Deer Hunting Season with a Bow, is set to open in all areas of the State on October 3rd!!

The General Deer Season for most Counties in Texas will open on November 7th!!

With the early Spring and Summer Rains here in Texas, we expect the Whitetail Bucks to have had excellent Antler Growth and the consensus is that this will be a great year for Texas Deer Hunters!!

We hope everyone has a great Hunting Season this fall, but remember safety should be your first priority when entering the woods!! And don't forget to take your kids and your spouse!! They want to be in the outdoors too and there's not a better way to teach them valuable lessons about life than to get them away from the Asphalt Jungles of the Big City!!

Make sure to check all the new regs and here's the link to the TPWD website! I hope your season is a fun. exciting and successful one!!